British Board of Agrément (BBA)

pdf_thumb_bba-certificateAssessment of Stormdry’s suitability for use on domestic and non-domestic buildings on brick, mortar, sandstone, and concrete substrates. Key factors assessed include:

  • Water repellency
  • Condensation risk
  • Freeze/thaw resistance
  • Resistance to ultraviolet light
  • Durability (25 years)
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Safeguard Lab – Flood Resistance Test

flood-resistance-thumbnailThis was a lab test performed by Safeguard Europe to judge how well Stormdry can resist flood water, when applied to a brick wall. This test shows:

  • Stormdry masonry protection cream used with Repointing Additive No.2 can stop flood water penetration, up to government guideline heights.
  • Repointing Additive No.2 prevents cement shrinkage from occurring and creating cracks in the mortar
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Giraffe Innovation – Energy Saving Analysis

energy-saving-stormdry-waterproofingThis was an independent report by Giraffe Innovation Ltd, assessing the environmental impact of Stormdry. It was found that:

  • An application of Stormdry on a typical house can pay for itself in heating bill savings within 6 years.
  • Stomrdry can save enough equivalent CO2 to repay its “carbon debt” within a month of application and reduce heating CO2 emissions for up to 30 years.
  • The production, use & waste disposal of a 1m² treatment area of Stormdry produces less equivalent CO2 than the same production cycle of an 800g loaf of bread!
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Safeguard Lab – Breathability Test

vapour-permeability-reportThis was a lab test performed by Safeguard Europe to breathability of Stormdry, when applied to a standard brick material. This test shows:

  • A Stormdry treated wall is 90% as breathable as an untreated one. It is also 35% more breathable than the next-best tested alternative treatment, causing less complications
  • Stormdry can be applied to an already damp wall, which means it is not necessary to wait for weeks for a wet wall to dry out, before starting works.
  • Performance of Stormdry is consistent across a range of humidity levels.
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Building Life – Protecting Spray Foam Insulation

wufi-spray-foam-insulation-protection-reportThis was a report by the Building Life Consultancy, who used simulation software to test whether Stormdry would be capable of protecting spray foam insulation from wet weather. It was found that:

  • Stormdry is always a benefit when used to protect spray foam insulation. In all cases, it reduces the chance of interstitial condensation and structural damage.
  • The breathable nature of Stormdry allows previously wet insulation to dry out over time, whilst protecting it from further water ingress.
  • For this purpose, Stormdry treatment performs better than other non-breathable weather coatings.
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Safeguard Lab – Frost Damage Test

frost-test-thumbnailThis was a lab test performed by Safeguard Europe, to judge how well Stormdry can help brick work and masonry to resist frost damage. This test shows:

  • Stormdry can protect brick from freeze/thaw damage, helping to keep your wall in good condition through the winter.
  • Standard water repellent sealers provide no resistance to freeze/thaw damage, showing the same results as untreated brick work.
  • Extreme conditions can cause very significant damage to untreated brick work.
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