The Benefits

A Brief Explanation

energyshield is a colourless, breathable, water-repellent treatment for brick, concrete and stone walls. It is supplied in the form of a deeply penetrating ‘cream’ that is applied to the wall surface in a single coat using a roller or brush. Once applied it will permeate deeply into the masonry before curing to form a water-repellent barrier.



The Benefits

Our scientifically proven solution, which is BBA approved for a wide range of substrates – including bricks, motors, concrete and sandstone, is manufactured in the UK under an ISO 9001/14001 quality and environmental management system. The benefits include:

  • Significant heat loss reductions
  • Protection from rain and damp
  • BBA approved product
  • Single coat application
  • No damage to brick or masonry
  • Long life expectancy